Captain Qwrka PlazaEdit

  • The Simple Art of Jailbreak
  • Launchpad Blastin'
  • Slaughter City
  • Whibble Trouble

Transit DepotEdit

  • Only You Can Protect Whibbles
  • Whips 'n Whibbles
  • Smackity Smack

Rooftop PromenadeEdit

  • Meet the Whibblets
  • Night Flights
  • Bounce House

Spaceship GarageEdit

  • Wanna Be a Rocketman?
  • Survive a Deathbot Uprising
  • Could You Be So Bowled
  • Take Cover

Haven CityEdit

The Industrial SectorEdit

  • Whip It Good
  • Industrial Revolutions
  • Pipe Dream


  • Two for One
  • Pinbowl Wizard
  • Cage Crumbler

Shanty TownEdit

  • Slum Surfin'
  • Fistful of Crystals
  • Rumble in the Ramshackles

Entertainment DistrictEdit

  • Breakin'
  • Search and Destroy



  • City of Fights
  • Show No Merci

Old QuarterEdit

  • Whipped Crème
  • Parisville Slugger

The EstateEdit

  • Chaos Chateau
  • Marksman Manor
  • A Mine of Their Own


  • Neighborhood Watch/Play Hard, Eat Fresh
  • Triple Thread
  • Your Neighborhood Spaceman


  • Island Hopping
  • Pinbot Apocalypse


  • Lash Gasp
  • Fly Me To Your Doom
  • Can't You Find Them, Can You?
  • The Final Shootout
  • Gutterballs of Death
  • Trapped!

Metropolis Diamond ChallengesEdit

  • Whips 'n Whibbles: Wha-POW!
  • Frightnin' Flights
  • Take Cover: Uncovered
  • Slaughter City Slapdown
  • Serious Smackage

Haven City Diamond ChallengesEdit

  • Breakin' 2: Whibble Boogaloo

Paris Diamond ChallengesEdit

Gleebertopia Diamond ChallengesEdit

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